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About Risley Steel Services in Alberta

Our services mean business. At Risley, we do custom design and fabrication, both structural and B-Pressure as we strive to be the leader in our industry. Profitability for our customers means profitability for us. Our success will always be dependent upon their success.

Our Mission – Step Ahead

Our customers are winners, choosing the strength and dependability of Risley Steel Services to help them succeed. They know that Risley will be there every step of the way with ideas, solutions, and unparalleled service.

Our people are exceptional, creating synergy of invention, innovation, integrity, and skill. Highly motivated, Risley people work together in ways that bring everyone closer to their goals.
Our values and ethics create a family-based environment where success is determined by improving the lives of our customers, our people, and our community.


Bryan Loewen
 President/Owner, Risley Steel

Bryan Loewen is the president and proud owner of Risley Steel Services as of July 2018, and has been with Risley Steel since 1984. In 2005 Bryan had become partners with Reg Isley, which eventually led to his full ownership. Bryan is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and accountable for the results as well as its future growth.

In 1975, Bryan had his start in the welding trade at Dika Industries in Rycroft; from there, he moved to Grande Prairie, where he worked for Rod Parks Steel Industries. After his employment there, Bryan set up his own welding unit, which he ran for three years before selling and going to work for G.P. Steel Fabricators (partly owned by Reg Isley) in 1984. Reg Isley took complete ownership in 1992, changing the name to Risley Steel.

Bryan has always put the success of the business and the customer as number one, offering the best service and/or product available at a fair price. He also has a team that works with him that believes and takes pride in the services/products that they offer to their customers.

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